Ayurveda Treatment for Paralysis, Stroke and Other Neuromuscular conditions

Paralysis is loss of muscle function for one or multiple muscles. It can also be associated with sensory and motor loss. The rate of paralysis is very high. One in 50 is affected and it can either be temporary or permanent. The most common kind of paralysis is the partial paralysis or hemiplegia wherein the muscle function of all the muscles of one side of the body is affected. This could also be due to a stroke. In this condition the patient feels difficulty in using the limbs of the affected side even for minor functions. Speech is also affected in certain conditions Hemiparesis is weakness of the entire left or right side of the body.


Cause The most common cause for this condition is cerebral hemorrhage. Usually cerebral hemorrhage is caused either by an injury or increase in blood pressure leading to a stroke. According to Ayurveda indulgence is excess of Vata increasing activities like sleeplessness, over exertion and food which are dry and under nourishing are the main reasons. Due to this Vata aggrevates and affects the nerves on one side of the body.


Management Once the clinical parameters like blood pressure and sugar are under control then the best option is to undergo the panchkarma therapy for paralytic condition. Internal administration and external application of oil is the best line of treatment. The focus is mostly to restore the movement and flexibility of the affected part. Every treatment Is focused on decreasing the Vata.


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